Your dedicated partner in fostering a healthier pet since 1993.


We believe the easiest and logical way to maintain optimum pet health is through diet.

Nearly all of our foods are wheat, corn, and soy free, and a vast majority of our diets fall into the “holistic” category. So, the food we offer is the best on the market, featuring formulas with a wide variety of hormone/antibiotic free protein sources and whole grain, if any grain at all.

Which is what nature intended your animal to eat.


Toys! Tools! Treats!

We have a vast selection of toys, training tools, treats, and other supplies, all up to our very high standards.

Our staff has been through a rigorous training program so that they may better assist you with any of your pet questions or concerns.

And the most important thing is WE CARE!


Washing your dog can be relaxing and fun. Don’t believe us? Try our Dog Wash Services!

At Bend Pet Express, we provide professional equipment, and all the tools and supplies you’ll need.  We have options for every four-legged friend: “You Wash”, “We Wash”, and our Mud Baths!