I just LOVE Halloween! It’s the time that I can finally show off my true identity! The rest of the year I’m just mild mannered Ben…Faster than a speeding squirrel! More powerful than cat breath! Able to leap the living room couch in a single bound! It’s Superdog!!

Yes, it’s Superdog, strange visitor from another planet, who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal dogs. Superdog, who can change the course of unruly dog toys, dig through the earth with his bare paws, and who, disguised as Ben the Dog, mild-mannered spokesdog for a great Bend pet store, fights a never-ending battle for naps, play and the American way.

Then there’s my arch nemesis the Cat Burglar. Always responsible for stealing the spot in the sun, hiding the leash and ball, and worst of all – framing this super hero for her nefarious crimes.

While I’m protecting the community from her fiendish ways get your costumes and come to Bend Pet Express East on Sunday October 30th for a Puppy Party (well, that’s what I’m calling it). They’re calling it a Howloween Party. Costume contest, prizes and a photo booth!

For more information visit BendPetExpress.com/Halloween.  Have fun with this month’s coloring page (DOWNLOAD IT HERE), and remember my true identity must be kept a secret! Shhhhh…..I’m counting on you.