Happy August Everyone!

It really is the Dog Days of Summer, isn’t it?!? Wow! This heat is crazy – make sure your pets have plenty of water, shade, and cool places to hang out. As you can tell, Abby and I have a cool place to hang out and as you know, for the most part dogs love water!

If you are concerned about keeping your pets cool in this heat check out our recent article that talks about just that – keeping your pets cool and some things that can help. The boat is circling back for me so I’ve gotta go, but remember to either stop by our stores and pick up a coloring contest page and enter to win a $25 gift card to Bend Pet Express – my favorite store!

Entries have to land either physically at one of our stores or via email to coloringcontest@bendpetexpress.com , or post it to our Instagram page with the hashtag #ColorwithBPE.  They will choose the top two, and then the winner will be chosen by social media votes and the winner announced from there.

Download the coloring contest page here