Does your pet have bad breath?

Did you know that’s not normal?

Bad breath can be a sign of dental disease, which can be a huge problem for your cat or dog.

Taking care of your pet’s teeth will help your cat or dog live a happier, healthier, longer life.

Let’s take a look at why proper dental health is important and what you can do about it!

Why Your Pet’s Teeth are Important

Three of four dogs will get gum disease in their lifetime and 80% of cats and dogs show signs of dental disease by the age of 3. Most problems caused by poor dental health are preventable and there are numerous benefits to taking care of their teeth!

•Better teeth equals better breath
•Helps prevent heart, liver or kidney disease
•Less plaque and tartar
•Fewer oral infections
•Saves money on medical bills
•Healthy pets are happy pets

How To Tell If Your Pet Needs Better Dental Care

If you don’t know much about pet dental health you are not alone. The problem is simply a lack of information. Over ½ of pet owners don’t provide essential dental care. Less than 4% of pet owners brush their pets teeth.

Here are signs that your pet might have a problem:

•Bad breath
•Pawing at their mouth or face
•Loose teeth
•Isn’t eating as much
•Red, swollen or bleeding gums
•Brown, yellow or discolored teeth
•Excessive drooling or nose licking
•Change in chewing habits

What to do?

•Visit your veterinarian and get regular check ups
•Brush their teeth regularly
•Use natural dental chews and treats
•Try water additives and teeth cleaning gels
•Give them chew toys or ropes
•Try crunchy kibble