Diet and DCM

The FDA is trying to see if there is a relationship between diet and DCM. Follow our coverage of the topic here.

DCM Info, This Way

FirstMate’s Statement on DCM

FirstMate released a statement to their customer base regarding their mission, their belief in their formulas and briefly touched on diet related DCM. 

They talked about 5 points:

  1. They have time tested diets that were formulated for quality, health and safety. This is their mission.
  2. They own their own manufacturing facilities.
  3. They have been using essentially the same formula for 30 years. It is time tested and proved and not “faddish.”
  4. They have stood by the use of animal meal for decades. Using dehydrated animal meals results in high levels of animal protein in the diet “mitigating any risk of diet related DCM…”
  5. FirstMate has historically included taurine, methionine and co-factor choline.
Read FirstMate's Full statement here.