Diet and DCM

The FDA is trying to see if there is a relationship between diet and DCM. Follow our coverage of the topic here.

DCM Info, This Way

Nulo’s Statement on DCM

Nulo is an Austin, TX based pet food company that we have had in store for years. They were not named in the July 2019 update from the FDA but still made a press release. Here’s what they said:

Like all pet parents, we’ve been very concerned with the issues the FDA has raised over the past year about a potential link between diet and DCM, especially to grain-free foods. The most recent announcement from the FDA naming brands of foods associated with cases of DCM can be especially confusing for pet parents, for a number of reasons. In response, we’ve worked with our scientists to put together this Fact Sheet about the FDA’s announcement, Nulo’s nutritional platform and how we are addressing this emerging topic. After all, we are fully committed to transparency and to giving each other the facts we need to make informed choices and to keep our pets healthy and happy.

FDA, Nutrition, DCM and The Facts

  • It’s Complicated – there’s not a single cause.
  • The number of dogs affected is (fortunately) very small.
  • Both grain-free and grain-inclusive foods are listed in the FDA report.
  • A causal link between grain free diets and DCM has not been found.
  • No meaningful conclusions have been made.
  • Nulo was not one of the 17 (or 70) dog food brands.
  • The FDA is not advising dietary changes.
Read Nulo's Full statement here.

Nulo goes further and provides some data showing the AAFCO minimum requirements for an adult maintenance formula and how they exceed in every way.

Like Many Others, Nulo Is Closely Monitoring this Issue and Taking Action

Nulo FreeStyle was originally formulated to provide a premium-quality, higher-meat, lower-carbohydrate diet than other grain-free options available on the market. In response to our open dialogue with our retailers and pet parents voicing concerns related to grain-free foods, we are taking the following steps:
  1. Adding Taurine to the Guaranteed Analysis of Nulo FreeStyle Dog formulas and packaging.
  2. Developing grain-inclusive formulas that contain more meat and animal protein than is available in the market now, giving pet parents a variety of options for choosing the food they feel is most appropriate for their particular pet.