Join us on Sunday, October 6 for the Sit, Stay, Heal! Westside Pet Wellness Fair. Bring your family, friends and leashed dogs to our Westside parking lot (133 SW Century Drive) to visit some of your favorite vendors including:


Primal Pet Foods

The Honest Kitchen

Stella & Chewy’s

Pet Releaf

Rooted Hemp Co.

The Sparrow Bakery

Plateau Veterinary Hospital & Orthopedic Center

Austin and Kat


Pick up samples, enter raffles and have fun with our community! You don’t want to miss this! Here’s a little more about the amazing companies that will be there for you.


Primal Pet Foods: Primal products make it easier than ever to keep your pet’s diet as close to nature as possible, allowing them to live longer, healthier, more vibrant lives.


Honest Kitchen: For veterinarians, food safety experts and savvy pet owners, there’s 100% human grade, and there’s everything else. It’s the best pet food you can possibly buy, ensuring a level of quality and safety no feed-grade product can claim.


Stella & Chewy: Dogs crave raw meat, much like they once ate in the wild. Pet parents and veterinarians tell us that feeding a raw diet helps support:

  • Healthy Digestion
  • Vibrant Skin and Coat
  • Healthy Teeth and Gums
  • Stamina & Vitality


Pet Releaf: Pet Relief believes that our pets are equal members of the family. When they began developing organic CBD hemp oil for pets it became clear that in order to manufacture not only the highest quality CBD pet products but also the most effective, they had to control the entire process, from seed to sale, from plant to pet.


Rooted Hemp: Rooted Hemp’s mission is to create wholesome pure CBD and Hemp products to heal your body and soul. Rooted Hemp Co is committed to conscientious sourcing, including the use of organically grown hemp to produce our small batch infusions.


Sparrow Bakery: Sparrow has one simple mission; to run an honest business, cook and bake delicious, beautiful food, and provide jobs they would be proud to have. They strive to be a positive member of the community and encourage other businesses and citizens to be, not just good, but great for the sake of our extraordinary town.


Plateau Veterinary Hospital and Orthopedic Center: Plateau believes that every pet deserves responsible, quality veterinary care. Through innovative thinking, they provide quality, affordable veterinary care by solving your pet’s problems and doing the right thing, not the most expensive thing, but the right thing, with your pet’s best interests at the heart of each decision between you and your veterinarian – every time, without exception. Because doing the right thing matters. They’ve also been working our low cost vaccine clinics.


Austin and Kat: Austin and Kat hand makes 100% natural & delicious dog treats biscuits infused with naturally occurring CBD sourced from European hemp.Their journey began in 2014 when Brady, Kat’s 14 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, was starting to hit the bumpy part of aging. He still had his spirit, but he was starting to need a little help getting up in the morning; he creaked, moved slowly and on some days he just didn’t get up. After reading everything she could about the science of CBD and what was going on, she tracked down a source and set about trying to make a treat. Version 1 turned out harder than the average walnut and probably didn’t win on taste, but an hour after his first biscuit, Brady was walking about like he used to as a younger dog. The next day she witnessed a similar effect… she didn’t expect such a dramatic change.


Roman’s Holistic Dog Training: Roman is known around the world as the human-canine relationship coach who changes lives, who guides dog owners to finally solve even the most complex challenges, and whose intuition and unique holistic approach blows people (and dogs) away, even in the very first session.  In fact, he guarantees it. Roman gives owners tools to understand canine ethology and improve their relationship with their dog, using scientific methods and his intuitive gift.