My dog gets nervous when we have to cut her nails. What should we do?

Consistency is the only way for a dog to get used to having their nails done. The best way to do this is to take them to the same place and same groomer, so they can get used to the environment. In between appointments, be sure to play with their feet as much as possible and give them lots of rewards for good behavior, whether it’s in the form of treats or praise… or both!

Bonus tip:

If you have a calm demeaner it will help your dog stay calm too.


My dogs have long nails. We’ve tried getting them back, but I didn’t realize that bringing them in every few days was the way to do it. Any advice on how many days in between?

If you want to work the quicks back you need to have them exposed as much as possible so every few days is ideal. No more than 3-4 days in between. You really can’t overdo it as long as your groomer is skilled and doesn’t quick them!


How often should a puppy get nail trims? My pup is 16 weeks and I go about 3 weeks to once a month. Should I go more often?

It depends on how active your dog is and if you are more often on grass or pavement. They will file their nails down more if they are more active on rough surfaces. It sounds like you’re on a good schedule. But if you feel like they’re too long, pop on in.

And if you don’t want to do it yourself, you don’t have to. Let us cut your dog’s nails at our dog wash.