Sometimes it is easy to forget that we humans are not the only ones affected by the Covid-19 quarantine. Pets get bored too. If walks and play dates are canceled, our active furry ones can feel the pinch. Here are a few ideas to keep your pet active and stimulated during these sedentary times.

Kong Classic toys are simple and popular with dogs. You can fill them with practically anything: peanut butter, canned food, and even dinner. Dogs have a heyday trying to get the very last lick. If you’re looking for a longer adventure, freeze the Kong with its contents. Try applesauce or plain oatmeal. Be creative!


Play hide-and-go-seek. If you have a backyard, and the weather permits, grab small cookies, freeze-dried nuggets, or No-Hide Chicken Chews. Toss them all over the yard, and watch your puppy run around, searching for treasure. TIP: If you have more than one pup, the smaller pieces of food will prevent them from fighting over one big piece. If you’re staying indoors, try Planet Dog Snoop Dog – an interactive treat dispenser.


Teach your dog a new trick. Or better yet, have your kids be the teachers. This will not only keep the little ones busy, but training helps with bonding. The one-on-one attention strengthens the people/pet relationship.


Nothing beats good old fashioned exercise. Even if you’re in a confined yard, Chuckit! accessories will make you and your dog build up a sweat.


Cats have feelings too. Although our feline friends are pretty good at sequestering themselves by nature, don’t let the dogs have all of the fun. Treat your kitty to a new cat toy during the quarantine. It’s only fair.


A happy pet makes these trying times much easier. As we try to keep our minds and bodies active, it’s important to remember that our pets need mental stimulation and exercise as well. Be an active participant in your pets’ daily rituals to keep yourself and your pet happy, healthy, and connected.

A note about delivery and curbside pickup

We believe that the service we provide as a supplier of pet food and supplies is an essential one. So we are going to continue to be here for you and your pets. We are here to serve you in a safe and responsible way both in our stores and especially through delivery.

Our focus is going to be on delivery and curbside pickup. Please use these two resources first, but if you do need to come into the store, we have new hours.

Store Hours Are 10am – 2pm, Every day.

The additional time will give our team the opportunity to sanitize the stores and delivery vehicles, restock shelves and rest in preparation for the next day.