Welcome to Bend Pet Express!

When you want the best for your pet.

At Bend Pet Express, we’re just like nobody else.

·      We train our employees so they can be your go-to-resource for pet information and advice.
·      Our staff votes on which foods and merchandise deserve to be in our stores. Their nutritional knowledge alone sets up apart from the competition.
·      We’re local and independently owned, we so can base all our decisions on the needs of our clients and their pets.
·      Our employees take pride in knowing that they are contributing to giving our four-legged friends longer, healthier lives.
·      We support our community. From pet adoption days to the Bend Spay and Neuter Project to just about every community event around, we believe in giving back.


Julie Hunter started Bend Pet Express in 1993. In her garage, right here in Central Oregon.

The Story

Read Julie’s story about the origin of your favorite local pet store.

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