Our Story


All Star Dogs was established in 1996 by fashion industry veterans Meny Ovadia and Refael Olya. Since our inception, we have been committed to the highest standards in garment design, product comfort, and a cutting edge vision in fashion. Our dedication to product quality and customer relations has proven to be the reason we are the successful industry leaders that we are today. We decided early on that the only way to achieve the level of product excellence was to manufacture 100% within the USA. This commitment to domestic production, that we have refused to waiver from, is the reason our customer base continue their loyal business with us year in and year out.

In our commitment to the welfare and ethical treatment of animals, we have partnered with the Humane Society of the United States in Washington D.C. as well as many regional chapters over the years. We have received a letter of commendation for our charitable efforts in addition to the personal satisfaction that we are keeping many homeless dogs warm…and stylish. 

Our extensive product line can be currently found worldwide in pet supply stores, pet boutiques, specialty gift and novelty stores, college bookstores and sporting goods retailers.

All Star Dogs is a proud member of the World Pet Association, American Pet Products Association, National Association of College Stores and NAFTA. As a member of NAFTA, our Canadian and Mexican customers forgo import tariffs on purchases made from All Star Dogs.

We have also have attained membership with the Fair Labor Association which monitors labor codes in manufacturing facilities around the world. Our manufacturing facilities and contractors are publicly disclosed.

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