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Hey, it's us… your friends at Earth Animal. We’ve come along way, since 1979 from a little natural pet store that Susan opened next to Dr. Bob Goldstein's Veterinary Hospital.  We are located in Westport, Connecticut. We have been in this little beach town for over 35 years.  Come and visit- bring your 4-legged friends.  We have the very best treats and chews, freshly baked cookies, toys, beautiful leashes, collars and beds!! We carry the top of the line premium foods (raw food diets, home cooking and the best super premium brands).  We also have a complete Wild Bird Department and the best gifts for the dog and cat lovers!

Let’s start with the founders of Earth Animal; Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein. They are our mentors. They taught us all we know about health and wellness. They gave us the knowledge and products on how to take care of our animals the healthful way. Most important, they taught us that we do not own our pets! They are our companions…this is our mission. Under the guidance of Susan and Dr. Bob, our Earth Animal store and our products are as green, organic, natural and pure as possible. Every product has been approved by Dr. Bob and has been given the big thumbs up so that your dog and cat can only thrive. We are happy to share it with you.