New Product Requests & Recommendations

Thanks for thinking of Bend Pet Express! Do you know of a product you’d love to see in our store or on our website? Let us know!

Once you fill out and submit the form below, we’ll review and reach out if we’re interested.

What to Expect

We are genuinely excited to check out new products, but we do things a little differently here at BPE. We review and vote on every product as a team. While there are some definite benefits to this approach, it does take some additional time. So hang tight, it may take longer than you’re expecting but it’s not you. It’s us.


You submit your request and your contact information.

0-7 Days

We review your request.

You’ll hear from us if we have any questions.

1-2 Weeks

We are passing around information and samples of your product recommendation to every member of our team. Everyone gets a chance to look it over, ask questions and vote.

If we have any questions from the team, we’ll reach out!

2-4 Weeks

At this point we will start talking as to why or why not it’s a great fit for our store!