Our friends at Street Dog Hero – Local 501(c)3 dedicated to help street dogs around the world is doing their part to help the shelters and displaced dogs from the tragedy known as Hurricane Harvey. All donations received at their general donation page will be directed toward the effort. Please help this worthy organization rescue these animals in need.

The Pet Crisis Deep in the Heart of Texas:

Metropolitan Houston holds 2.3 million people and suffers from a major over population of stray and unwanted pets. We are focused on animals at the Harris County Animal Shelter and surrounding areas, some were simply roaming the streets and picked up by animal control, others are taken in and fostered by one of our main contacts, Wayne Duncan who runs a small rescue and foster home for many of these dogs to help them avoid euthanasia. The shelter itself is only able to hold about 150 animals however they are running close to 500 right now. That means dogs are being double and tripled up in small kennels

Strays come in and receive a 3 day hold but after those 3 days are over the animal is at a very high risk for being euthanized simply because there is no room. If a pet is surrendered by their owner there is simply no waiting period – as soon as the paperwork is completed they are on the high risk list for euthanasia because there is no ‘owner’ coming to claim them and no guarantee they will be adopted quickly. Now these are NOT just older dogs – these are puppies, kittens, young pets and older pets. We have seen litters of pups abandoned at 2 weeks old only be put on the high risk list – they simply do not get a shot at a happy full life and it is HEARTBREAKING.

Where do they all come from?

So, why would anyone willingly put their pet into a shelter like this?? Often animals are the victim of their human’s circumstances and the most frequent reasons are:

  • I am moving can’t take them with me
  • I simply don’t have time
  • We had a baby and can’t handle both
  • It is more work than I thought
  • Food is more expensive than I had thought
  • I can’t afford the veterinary care they need like vaccines and check ups
  • They are pregnant and I can’t handle the litter

The list of human reasons for relinquishing their pets is FAR FAR FAR longer than the list of pet reasons like aggression or health.

How we are involved – How YOU can get involved!

How is Street Dog Hero involved? Our goal is to bring approximately 40 of these animals to Oregon by September and it takes a lot of coordinating and expenses to make that happen – here are some ways you can help us save these dogs and make some lucky families complete!


If you have some free time and want to help we would LOVE it! There are many ways to help – flight volunteers, fundraising, transport to and from veterinary visits and help coordinating into foster homes and forever homes.


We are hoping to have most of these dogs adopted before they even arrive in Oregon, but for the ones we haven’t placed in their forever homes we will need fosters that can house and love them until we do. You can see more about fostering and apply right here on our site GET INVOLVED.


Are you ready to open up your home to your new best friend? We have so many dogs looking to be just that – your loving, loyal companion in life. While we have many dogs already out of the shelter there are so many more – we would love to help you if you find a dog at Harris County Animal Shelter that captures you heart, please contact us and also fill out an adoption application so we can bring you and your new bestie together!


It is going to cost SDH about $3,000 in fuel simply to transport these animals up to Oregon not to mention any veterinary care they require while they await placement into their forever homes. We don’t require an adoption fee for these pups because we simply want to see them thrive in loving homes, we do ask for a $150 donation per adoption if you can to help cover the cost of their pre-adoption care BUT often that is far less than what we have spent to make sure they are in top condition as they get their new ‘leash on life’! Any support from you makes a world of difference and only helps us increase the number of pets we can save!


We can’t grow and rescue more pets if we don’t have you helping us make people aware of what we are doing in the rescue world. There are many ways to help us spread the word about Street Dog Hero:

  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram
  • Share our posts and encourage others to follow us
  • Tell friends and family about us when they mention needing a furry friend