Do you add anything to your pet food?

Most people do.
In fact, a large number of people add something to their dog or cat food even if it’s simply water.
We call them mixers.
So why add mixers?
Mixers can benefit the overall health of your pet as kibble is the most processed food in the pet market.
Also, people like to feel they are doing something special for their pets. AND want to make their pets feel special. (We certainly get that.)
So what can you add and why?

Let’s break it down into 6 categories:

1. Water
2. Weight Loss/Low Protein Diets
3. Hip & Joint Health
4. Overall Health
5. Quality Protein/Picky Dogs
6. Variety


It’s vital for dogs and cats to stay hydrated. They both get moisture from meat, but often need to drink more water than is provided by their food, especially if they are eating nothing but starchy, processed kibble.
Dogs, like humans, can simply drink water to prevent dehydration.
Cats are different. We must make sure they get enough liquid in their bodies or they could end up with urine crystals or bladder stones.
The easiest way to do that is to feed them a moisture rich diet like raw or canned, or add something wet to their diet. We stick to the 3oz rule here at Bend Pet Express, if you can get 3oz of a quality moisture rich diet you are improving the health of your cat significantly.

2.Weight Loss/Low Protein Diets

We know what you’re thinking, “Why would you add more food for weight loss?” Seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?
When your dog needs to lose weight the obvious solution is to give him less kibble, but what if he’s still hungry? Adding a mixer like Honest Kitchen Base mix, or Sojos Pre-Mix, will give your pup extra nutrients and fill him up without the extra calories. And their easy to use. Simply mix with water and add protein or not.
You might also like Raw Goat’s Milk. Goats milk is low in fat and can act as a kibble substitute. So replace some of those calories coming from starchy kibble to wholesome raw goats milk.

3.Hip & Joint Health

Older pets usually end up with hip and joint problems, but many senior formulated foods don’t have enough hip and joint supplemental properties to make much of a difference.
That’s where mixers come in and there are many options:
The most common joint supplements are pills, treats and powders.
If you’re looking for a more holistic approach try a bone broth with turmeric & fermented fish stock or The Honest Kitchen mussel treats.

4.Overall Health of Dogs & Cats

Overall health covers a few distinct areas:

  • Digestive health: pre and probiotics
    • While some food companies claim to add probiotics to their food, it’s a game of chance. It’s best to get a specific supplement.
  • Immunity boosting: multivitamins and super shroom mix
    • Kibble can be hard to digest. How can you tell? Look for signs of dry skin/coat, dry nose, scratching increasing, weight gain, goopy eyes, bad breath, ear issues around age 2. If diet is the issue a few simple adjustments, and mixers, can help
  • Teeth, skin and coat: Sea kelp and oil
    • Kelp is a great way to keep dogs and cats healthy. They are a rich source of amino acids, mineral and are easy to digest. Not to mention great for dental health.
    • Fish oils can help our dogs and cats just as much as they help us humans. If you haven’t heard the hype specifically about fish oils and why you should be adding them into your pets kibble diet, come in and talk with us.

5.Quality Protein for Picky Dogs & Cats

Is your dog or cat picky? Try adding some quality protein from a meat source and see how they like it. You can try raw, freeze dried raw and even canned proteins.


Can you imagine eating the same meal every single day for the rest of your life? Well, that’s what it’s often like for our dog and cats. Mixers can give them a variety, and add some excitement to meal time.
Have questions? Stop by either of our stores or ask us online!